Kids Toys Recommendation | for kids ages 4+

With the Barbie Kinder Surprise eggs, you’re going to make every girl happy. Now add a little glitter and glam and you’re going to have a very, very happy girl!  We want to show you our YouTube video of these glittery pink, glamorous Barbie boots filled with very yummy chocolate candies! It’s an entertaining unwrapping video for mostly girls and Barbie fans.

Each pack of four Kinder Surprise Eggs contains at least 2 Barbie figurines, that can be collected and played with. They are pretty and fashionable Barbie doll figurines. They also include little accessories such as a bags, sunglasses or hairbands.

Even if the other 2 surprise eggs don’t contain a Barbie figure, there are still some good and reasonable surprises inside them. Toys that can also be played with.

The Barbie sparkle boots contain many chocolates, which are absolutely yummy! They are a perfect gift or souvenir. We hope you enjoy our fun video for kids!



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