Kids Toys Recommendation | for kids ages 4+

If you’re looking for something small and less ordinary for your child, then we can recommend these really fun Chupa Chups + Surprise Lollies for kids. We bought the Smurfs edition and we unboxed all of them just for you!
Kids love lollies and Candy and when those include a toy well, the joy is big! These Chupa Chups Surprise Lollies are a great small gift for kids and definitely exciting to open.

The Smurf figures are beautifully made with lots of details. Kids can collect 12 Smurf figures all together. These collectibles can all stand up. The Smurfs are great for playing role-plays and look absolutely great!

Our YouTube video of the Smurfs Chupa Chups Surprise Lollies

Like Chupa Chups lollies? Well how about a Lolly with an awesome surprise waiting for you inside? In this video for kids, we unpack the surprise Lollies from Chupa Chups which include some fun and really cool Smurfs figures, which are great fun to play with.
Kids do not only get a Lolly to eat, but also a surprise figure to collect and play with – how great is that?

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