Kids Toy Recommendation | for ages 4+

The Cars can drive and roll when being pushed. The Disney Cars are colorful and fun to play with. What’s more fun than collecting great toys. All Cars are pretty original and look just as we know them from the Disney Cars movies. Even though they are small, they have been painted with lots of detail. Each egg includes some Candy pearls and Disney Cars stickers. If you’re looking for a small giveaway or souvenir for your child, then we can recommend these Super Surprise Eggs – Disney Cars Edition!

Our YouTube video of the Disney Cars Super Surprise Eggs for kids

Watch as we unpack all of the Disney Cars Super Surprise Eggs for kids!
In our YouTube video for kids, we want to show all of the Disney Cars fans the tiny collectible Cars figures, that are all hidden inside the eggs. This video is fun to watch and we were lucky to get 10 amazing colorful Disney Cars characters together!

If you’re also interested in giving these Disney Cars Surprise eggs a go, why not get some here on amazon.




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