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Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Snap-ins figures are a real treat for kids that love Frozen.
Kids can decorate the figures dresses and hair with beautiful little accessories. Olaf’s nose can be removed and pushed back into his head, which is quite funny actually, in the little Kingdom set including Elsa and Olaf. Elsa’s hair and dress can be decorated with snowflake snap-ins and a wooden crown. The other Play-set includes Anna and Sven – kids can feed Sven a carrot and Anna’s hair and dress can be decorated with golden snap-ins.

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Snap-ins Sets: Elsa & Anna with Olaf and Sven | Kids Toy Rating

Both Sets are for kids ages 4+ and are fun for kids to play with. Children get to re-play scenes from the Frozen movie or simply make up their own creative stories. The figures can sit, stand and can be undressed – either partially or fully. The Little Kingdom play-sets offer a wide range of possibilities.

Our YouTube video of the Little Kingdom Play-sets including Elsa & Anna

Watch as we unbox the beautiful Disney Frozen Snap-Ins dolls of the Little Kingdom series. This video was created for kids who are big Disney Frozen fans, but we also have a little surprise at the end of the video, as we also unbox a packet of Disney Frozen Kinder Surprise eggs, which include at least 2 Disney Frozen characters. These little Frozen dolls are really cute and fun toys to play with, we really hope that you enjoyed the video.

If you are interested in these or other cute Disney Frozen Little Kingom dolls, you can find them here on amazon.

If you want to see more Disney Frozen videos by us you can watch them here on YouTube:

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