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In our glamorous video for kids, we show the beautiful Ice Skating doll Elsa, who gets a makeover by us. We want Elsa to look all gorgeous and sparkly. We also want to show kids how to use make-up sets and palettes properly. We’re using real beauty products and various make-up brushes such as the popular oval contouring brushes, blush brushes and many more. We want to introduce kids to various beauty styling ideas for their styling dolls, or even for themselves.

Kids usually don’t know how to use make-up sets wisely, which is why the lipstick is all over the styling heads face, the different color eye shadows are spread extensively everywhere, and the doll looks more like a bruised clown face. Even if it is quite funny, we want to help out and share our beauty ideas.

We hope kids enjoy our make up tutorial and maybe it encourages them to try the ideas out on their styling heads or dolls. All of the Make up we used is easy to clean off. No stains or mess is made. It is simple to apply and lots of fun to experiment. You can use wet wipes, water or cotton buds to clean off the dolls face.

Here’s a list of the items and sets we used and we also added links at the bottom, if you’re interested in similar products on

Products & Similar Make Up Products we used

Here’s a list of the items and sets we used and we also added amazon links below, if you’re interested:

Disney Frozen Ice Skating Elsa Doll
Oval make up brushes set
Make up Palettes or Sets
Pink make up brushes
Metallic eyeliners



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