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Disney’s Little Kingdom MagiClip dress-up dolls are simply beautiful and magical toys for girls who love Disney Princesses. We haven’t seen a more easy way and trick to dress or undress a doll before. These Magiclips are truly magical and so simple to handle and use. No more frustration for your child, as this is a simple way to dress up their favorite Disney Princess with their own signature dress or even with another beautiful gown. There are no limits and these pretty dolls can wear any Magiclip dress that kids want to put them on. The interchangeable fashionable Magiclip dresses are sparkly, shiny, colorful and make the Disney Princess doll look absolutely stunning and oh so pretty.

We want to introduce you to the Little Kingdom Set which is a 7-doll Gift-set and includes the fairytale princesses: Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana and Sleeping Beauty Aurora. In our video above, we added the Disney Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa. These sets can be purchased separately here on amazon: Anna or Elsa.

Disney Princess Magiclip Dress-up dolls and Little Kingdom Giftset | Kids Toy Review

The dress-up concept of the Magiclips is an absolute bestseller and we can totally relate with that! Kids have fun dressing up their dolls and these beautiful, sparkly dresses are so pretty, kids can’t decide which one to put on which doll first! There are so many possibilities and ways to make the Disney doll look beautiful it’s a tough decision in a good way.
Every dress is beautiful and every doll is an eye-catcher. The Little Kingdom Castle Set is perfect for girls who have more than one favorite Disney princess character. Plus, it’s more fun dressing up the various dolls with the many adorable dresses. It’s an open and shut procedure and all kids have to do is slide the doll inside the dressĀ  and tada – the doll wears a beautiful gown. If you haven’t guessed yet, we love the Magiclip series and we can definitely and honestly recommend them to you and your kids. We give these Dress up dolls and dresses a 5 star rating!

Our YouTube video of the Disney Princess Little Kingdom and Frozen Magiclip Sets

In this video for kids, you can watch as we unpack the special Magi Clip “Little Kingdom” edition of the Disney Princesses. We show you the gorgeous glittery and sparkly dresses of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Tiana of the Princess and the frog, Ariel, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and of course Anna and Elsa from Frozen.
We show you how to use the Magi Clip fashionable dresses and that all the princesses can wear each others dresses.



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