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The Disney Princess Rapunzel Styling Head will no longer be tangled after kids gave this beautiful Styling doll a make-over hairdo! This Styling Head Set for kids is an awesome styling toy, which gives kids lots of styling ideas and choice of creativity. Various hairstyles can be created and practiced on this very pretty Rapunzel Head.

The Rapunzel Styling Head Set includes a hairbrush, a pretty flower elastic band, 4 elastics, 2 curly hair accessories, 2 crown clips, 2 heart shaped hair clips. Rapunzel’s hair is wavy and silky. It’s fairly easy to brush and style. The only downside is the light weight of the actual base of this Styling doll. The head seems a little too heavy for the base, which might lead to Rapunzel falling over. This is due to the base being hollow.  If you place the doll on a non-slippery surface (towel, carpet, tablecloth) she has more grip to stay put. Nevertheless, if you treat her like a princess that she is, and do her hair with style and prestige, she will honor you with a beautiful smile and show off her wonderful long, golden hair – and most of all the hairstyle kids have created all by themselves!

Disney Princess Rapunzel Styling Head | Kids Toy Rating

The Disney Rapunzel Styling Head is by far-most one of the best and most beautiful Styling Heads we’ve seen and tested so far! Whether it has a light base or heavy base, i guess it depends on how you treat and handle the Styling head rather than what it consists of. You’ll need both hands for styling, and brushing, even hairdressers do. A head always falls back when being brushed, so it’s not really a disadvantage. You can see in our 3 styling videos, where we use the Rapunzel Head, how easy and fun it is to style and do her hair up. It’s definitely good for kids motivity, creativity, imagination and hair styling skills. We can recommend the Disney Princess Styling Rapunzel Head and think it’s one of the most beautiful ones so far!

Our YouTube videos of Disney Tangled Rapunzel Styling Head

Here are 2 more videos, where we want to give kids some hair styling ideas for their styling head doll.

Braids with Hair Clips

Fishtail Braid for kids

Our unboxing video of the Disney Rapunzel Styling Head

Enjoy our unboxing video at the top of the review of the Disney Princess Rapunzel Styling Head. Watch as we give Rapunzel a magical hairstyle. This Styling Head is absolutely gorgeous and a great toy for kids. Children get be so creative with this styling dolls head, they are going to be occupied for ages. We love the Rapunzel Head, her hair is soft and long, just perfect for great braids, pigtails, bows, ribbons,elastics, tie’s & clips. The Set contains lovely hair accessories, such as the yellow flower tie and a hairbrush. There are so many ways of creating gorgeous hair-do’s. Watch as we show you one hair styling idea after we released the Disney Princess out of the box 🙂

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