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We want to share with you our short movie for kids, where our Feisty Pet – Polar Bear gets an injection. Our poor little cuddly toy bear has a broken foot. On his way to the Vets he doesn’t yet know his fate. The Vet tries to take good care of him, first patting him and checking his poorly hurting leg. Then showing him the injection, the cuddly polar bear is not happy with the idea. He shows of his white teeth as he gets a little feisty.

Look at the cute Feisty pets face, can he really get that mad? He is a really sweet looking chap actually and a fun toy for kids to experiment, try out and make fun with family and friends. The Feisty pet has a really soft fur. It is easy to handle, to make it look angry you need to squeeze the back of the head together. You can decide yourself as to how much you want his face to alter. The more you squeeze, the angrier it gets (the more the eyebrows move down and the teeth show). If you only want it to show a little bit, you press the back of the head gently and slowly. The stronger you press, the more shows.

Feisty Pets Polar Bear | Kids Toy Rating

There are various Feisty Pets animals available and some really interesting ones such as a unicorn, dog, various colors of bears, cats and even a Pegasus. You can purchase them here on amazon.
The feisty pets are a sweet cuddly toy for kids, if you don’t want to use it as a feisty pet, you don’t have to. Just don’t squeeze the back of the head. Believe it or not – kids love the idea and love to play with the feisty pets. It is great fun, it is a different kind of soft toy and definitely inspires kids to imaginative role-playing. The soft toy is good value for money and extremely entertaining.






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