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Grab-O-Matic is a really cool, fun and entertaining toy for kids. With this Claw machine, kids get to choose their own prizes. You can basically put anything inside the Grabber machine, whether it’s sweets and candy, various small toy treats or small surprise eggs, hair accessories or plush toys. It’s up to you and your kids to make this arcade game fun to grab whatever they wish to catch.

This claw machine comes with plastic toy coins that can be used to get the machine started. You can also use real money coins in order to use this machine, which is great for teaching kids the handling of money. You then have about 60 seconds to catch an item. The remote at the bottom right is simple to use. You can move the grabber/crane forwards and backwards, left and right, up and down. This toy saves you money that you would have spent in a real claw machine, plus you can play it at home as a party game or just as well as an entertainment opportunity to have a lot of fun.

Our YouTube video of the Claw Machine Grab-O-Matic

In our video at the top, we present you the fun and awesome Toy Claw Machine “Grab-o-Matic”. We hope you enjoy this fun toy video for kids, it sure is the best Claw or Grabber Machine toy for kids. It is pure fun and excitement to play this arcade carnival crane!

Grab-O-Matic Claw Machine | Kids Toy Rating

The Claw machine – personal prize machine toy is a fun toy for kids who love excitement and winning things. The fact that you can fill the claw machine with whatever you like, is already exciting enough. Kids just want to have a try. Children also get to learn to use money (whether it’s real coins or the toy coins). The Claw machine converts into a piggy bank if you wish to do so. With this toy, you basically get excitement, entertainment, fun and laughter! We can certainly recommend it!

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