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In our educational video for kids, we want to help children learn the numbers from 1-10. We combined the Paw Patrol Pups, Ryder, an educational washing machine and the Play-Doh Set – numbers, letters ‘n fun. The washing machine created magical numbers with funny eyes and the Paw Patrol pups helped us pick the right numbers and colors.

Kids can learn to count the numbers fom 1-10 whilst having lots of fun being entertained. The Play-Doh Set “numbers’n fun” contains just what we need: number molds, a tool and  8 different colors of Play-Doh. For a thorough review and videoof the Play-Doh Play-set, read our review here.

If you’re looking for a awesome washing machine toy for your children, you can find really good ones here on Amazon. We used our washing machine to create the numbers by combining the number molds with a small ball of Play-Doh color. We hope that kids enjoy our fun learning video. If you want to see more educational videos from us – visit our Youtube channel and click on the subscribe button, so you won’t miss a video from us here.

If you’re interested in the Paw Patrol Pups Action figures, you can read our thorough toy reviews here and also watch our videos of the action dogs:

Chase, Rocky & Zuma
Skye, Rubble & Marshall

You can purchase Ryder here on Amazon:
Ryder and his Rescue ATV vehicle



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