Educational Video for Toddlers & Preschool Kids

Hello and welcome! Enjoy our educational video “Wash & Spell” for kids, where we made funny letters out of various colors of Play-Doh in order for kids to learn the alphabet. We included the ABC alphabet song and combined colors and letter molds and placed them inside our magical Washing machine. The results are colorful funny looking letters that are fun and entertaining for children to watch. We added extra decorative eyes, to make the letters look even more funny and interesting.
The alphabet song occurs at the very start of our video and also at the end of the video. Children can singalong to our ABC tune and have fun whilst learning and spelling!
For this video we used the Play-Doh Set: Numbers, letters ‘n Fun which is suitable for children of the ages 3+. It contains over 35 pieces and is brilliant for kids to learn counting and spelling. If you want to see our thorough review of this Play-Doh Numbers, Letters ‘n Fun Set, you can read it here.

You can get this Play-Doh numbers, letter’s ‘n fun Set here on Amazon.



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