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The Lego Duplo Number train is one of the most popular Lego Duplo Sets for young children and toddlers. There are various Train Sets of the Lego Duplo range available and we tested the Lego Duplo Number Train Set with the cute black and white dog. You can get the other Set with a little black cat here on Amazon which does however only contain 23 pieces and is suitable for kids of the ages 1 1/2 – 3 years.

The Train Set with the dog contains 31 pieces and is suitable for kids ages 1 1/2 – 5 years. It also includes a little male play figure who can sit inside the actual steam engine at the front. Kids can construct their train however they like, but if you want to do it the educational way, you teach them to arrange the numbers in the correct order. Kids can arrange the numbers on top of the train carriages, or by simply placing them next to each other on a surface, whichever way you or your child prefers.

Lego Duplo Number Train | Kids Toy Rating

Children cannot only learn to count with this colorful Lego Duplo Playset, they also gather their first impressions of colors, shapes and sizes. Children further their motivity by building and constructing various towers, walls and train carriages. Basically the Lego Duplo Number Train is useful to use in so many different ways, it is a simple “”must-have” toy for preschool kids, toddlers and young children! It is fun for children to push their own constructed train including it’s carriages around whilst also learning by playing around.
This colorful Lego Duplo Set is a beautiful toy for young children and safe to play for toddlers. It is a perfect gift for introducing them to the first range of numbers and therefore deserves an overall rating of 5 stars!

Our YouTube video of the Lego Duplo Number Train

We hope you enjoy our learning video for kids at the top of our review, where we unbox the colorful Lego Duplo My first Number train – learn to count in English. In the video we construct the Lego Duplo number train building set and also show preschool kids a learning sequence, where they can learn the numbers 1 – 10.

If you would also like to get this Lego Duplo my first Number Train Building Set (10558) , you can find it here on Amazon.


Lego Duplo Number Train


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