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Little Bus Tayo is a popular kids TV Show with talking vehicles. The Bus Depot Center plays a big part in the world of Little Tayo and his friends the other 3 buses: Rani, Gani and Rogi.

The Bus Depot Center is a fairly big (15.8 x 10.2 x 6.6 inches) toy garage for children. It offers plenty of room for all four buses. The garage doors can be opened manually and each door matches the color of the corresponding bus. The garage doors have the colors red, green, blue and yellow.
On top of the Bus Station Depot Center is a clock, where kids can set the time by pressing the big button on top of it. Sound effects and Tayo Tunes sounds appear from the small speakers.

Little Bus Tayo Depot Center Playset, also introducing the excluded buses Rani and Gani

The Tayo Bus Depot Center also includes two of the main character buses Tayo and Rogi.
All of the buses are pull-back racers. Therefore, if you push the cars into the according garage backwards and close the door, they are all set to come racing out of the Bus Station when you open the doors again.

Little Bus Tayo – Bus Depot Center | Kids Toy Rating

The Tayo Bus Station Garage is a fun toy for kids, toddlers and Tayo fans. The cars are alone are fun to play with and with them being pull-back racers, the Depot Center is a brilliant addition and well worth the purchase. Being able to park the buses and sorting them by colors is not only fun and entertainment for kids, it also furthers their color coordination.
Kids get to sing along with the Tayo tunes and are also able to park other cars inside of the big toy garage. The Tayo Bus Depot Center Playset is pure fun and a kids toy we can truly recommend.

Our YouTube toy video of the Little Bus Tayo Depot Center Playset

In our fun unboxing toys video for kids at the top of the review, we want to show all “The Little Bus Tayo” fans the awesome big “Tayo Bus Depot Center Playset”, where the wind-up buses can park inside to take a rest. The original “Tayo Bus Depot Center Playset” includes the blue bus Tayo and the green bus Rogi. In this video, we also introduce kids to the red and yellow bus Gani and Rani. These two buses can be purchased separately, but as they also belong to the bus station, we wanted to show the complete Playset. After all, the buses match the garage doors.

You can find the Little Bus Tayo – Bus Station Depot Center Playset here on Amazon.

You can find more The Little Bus Tayo toys and his friends here on Amazon.

Little Tayo Bus - Bus Depot Center Playset


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