Kids Toys Recommendation | for kids ages 4+

We unpacked eight Kinder Surprise eggs in our YouTube video above and we got the 2 main characters and another one of the popular TV show Masha and the Bear. We also surprisingly had many more animal sets of a mother animal and her baby but you’ll need to see for yourself, which animals those are in our video.

The figure dolls from Masha and the Bear are great little collectibles to collect, play and suitable for creative role-plays. We were lucky to get so many various animals besides Masha and the Bear. This makes unwrapping so much more fun. The animals are really cute and everything can be combined nicely. Each original Masha figure comes with 2 Paper stands, where you can remove the face in order for the figure to peek through with their heads. Like a peek-a-boo picture stand. This is really funny and a nice little extra.

We can certainly recommend these Masha and the Bear Kinder Surprise eggs, so if you see them – go and grab them!



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