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The Rescue Garage “Lock and Roll” by Melissa & Doug, is a really great wooden toy for young children. Kids who love to play with Police cars, Fire trucks and Ambulance vans can have so much fun with this toy. The cars are wooden and the keys are plastic keys that come in the colors white, blue and red. The keys match the garage doors and each have a different shape that fits into the according keyhole above the garage door.

Once the doors have been opened, the cars basically roll out off the garage when kids push the buttons beside each garage door.This is great fun for kids as they don’t need to pull them out of the garage with their fingers, they simply pop out of the toy garage hence the name “lock and roll”!

The Garage is suitable for learning motivity, colors and matching. Behind each door is a different wooden Rescue Car. A Fire engine, an Ambulance and a Police car. The trucks also match the colors of the doors and keys. Children learn the coherence’s between these 3 objects.

Our YouTube video of Melissa & Doug Rescue Garage

The video at the top gives you an overview of the wooden rescue garage. We combined learning and introducing the toy in our video for kids. They can learn the different names of each rescue car and the colors of the keys. Kids also get an idea of what to expect with this great Melissa and Doug wooden Rescue Garage. You can find the toy garage here on Amazon.

Melissa & Doug Rescue Garage | Kids Toy RatingĀ 

The Toy garage including keys and cars is a very useful toddlers and preschool kids toy, which deserves a 4.5 star rating from us. You’ll further your child’s fine motor skills, color and object recognition. If you’re looking for a good and suitable garage toy for your child, this Set is definitely a recommendation from us to you!

Melissa & Doug Lock & Roll Rescue Garage with keys and cars


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