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Today, we want to introduce you to the awesome and creative Minecraft Papercraft Set including the animal mobs. This papercrafting Set is suitable for creative kids. Kids get to use their imagination, they further their motor skills and have lots of fun making their very own paper animals. No glue is needed for the Minecraft Papercraft Set. All children have to do is fold and put them together. The Paper is quite thick and strong, which is good quality paper and holds the folded figures together really nicely.

The Set also includes various Stickers, for kids to decorate the blocks. This easy-to-build Overworld activity set contains over 48 pieces in game-scale, at 1/16 the size. The animals inside this set are: Cow, sheep, pig, ocelot and chicken and also lots of grass blocks.

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set | Kids Toy Review

If you’re looking for a creative, fun and interesting Papercraft Set for your child, then this Minecraft Animal Set is a definite recommendation from us to you! You don’t necessarily have to be a Minecraft fan in order to like these paper animals. They are easy for children to construct. A very good and thorough description and instruction of each animal is inside the pack for kids to understand. When kids play with the finished paper animals, they stay together and don’t fall apart, which is great! Kids can therefore play with their wonderful creations for a long time. Overall, this beautiful Minecraft papercraft animal set is a “must-have” paper creativity toy for your kids! It is great for their imagination and crafty hands! We give this set a full and honest 5 star rating!

Our YouTube video of the Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set for Kids
Enjoy some fun speedy papercrafting with us as we unpack the 48 piece Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mob Set in our video at the top of the review. Kids can get really creative with this set and watch as the animal mobs grow. There is also a little surprise unboxing at the end of this video!
(Spoiler Alert)
It’s the Action Figure Set with Minecraft’s Steve and brown horse Chestnut and his dog!

If you’d like to give the Minecraft Papercraft Sets a go, you can find it here:

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set


Minecraft Papercraft Sets on Amazon

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set


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