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My Studiogirl offers a lot of beautiful sewing kits for children and we tested one of them including the very cute Monkey Coco and tiny Teddy Cleo!
This Sewing Kit is easy to use and simple for children to understand. A manual is inside the box and is easy to understand and use. The sewing material is felt material. My Studiogirl calls them the Travel buddies, which is a brilliant idea, as they both go and fit into a tiny suitcase. Kids cannot only sew the teddies, they also get to make a tiny pillow and a blanket for the Travel buddies Coco & Cleo.

Inside the box, are 2 child-safe needles with a slightly bigger hole than an ordinary sewing needle. The felt materials are all pre-cut and pre-punched. This makes it easier for kids to find the holes and to know where they need to stitch next. Filling material and thread are also inside the Kit so that the teddies are nice and puffy. The instructions are easy to understand and when kids have finished with sewing, they can decorate the suitcase with the given stickers.

Our YouTube Video of the Sewing Kit “Coco & Cleo”

Watch as we unbox the sewing set and make those very sweet travel buddy felt toys. The Travel buddies sleep in a small suitcase. Kids can decorate the little suitcase with various stickers. This Sewing and Stitching Set is a lot of fun for children. Kids love to play with it, once they’ve been stitched with a child-safe needle. Everyone that loves a bit of crafting and being creative will love this stitching set for kids. Kids will play with their very own creations, which will also boost their confidence, creativity and imagination. The video also shows a little bedtime story with the little Travel buddies Coco and Cleo!

My Studiogirl Sewing Kit “Coco & Cleo | Kids Toy Rating

The Sewing kit for Kids is a creative Set for children ages 8+. It is suitable for kids that love crafting and creating things. They can learn their first sewing steps, be proud of their creations and have fun whilst learning and stitching. Children love to show off their creations. Why not give your child something that is not only smart and easy to use, but also beautiful, cute and a perfect gift. Kids can either keep their creations for themselves or give them away as a present. Our rating for this creative toy is 4.5 stars!

You can find this Travel Buddies Monkey Set “Coco & Cleo” by my studiogirl here on Amazon.

Find more and other wonderful stitching and sewing sets by my studiogirl here on Amazon.

My Studiogirl Sewing Kit "Coco & Cleo"


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