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If you’re a parent, you may remember this old Retro 80’s / 90’s toy from the past. The Penguin Race Slide toy with the cute little penguins, that can be watched as they slide and glide around the Waterslides. It used to be one of our favourite and most satisfying toys as we absolutely loved and enjoyed watching the penguins climb the stairs and then slide down and through the small tunnel and back up again. It is a fascinating toy for kids and i could still watch this toy for ages without end.

The Play Set includes a red, a black and a blue penguin. The penguins have castors underneath, which allows them to slide down at a certain pace. The Slide plays a melody whilst moving the stairs upwards. The switch to turn it on and off is on the side of the slide. The penguins are moved upwards once they arrive at the bottom of the stairs. The movement of the transparent sides carries the penguins from one step to the other, until they reach the top.

Penguin Race Slide | Kids Toy Rating

Kids have great fun watching the penguins slide, chase and walk up the stairs. It’s the most satisfying toy to watch and definitely worth the purchase. The penguins are cute, the music is funny and it’s a very entertaining toy. Kids can start bets and watch which penguin is faster. It’s almost like watching the sports channel. Penguin Race is good value for money and should be in every child’s playroom.

Our YouTube video of the Penguin Race Toy

If you want to see this Penguin Race toy in action, feel free to watch our YouTube video of the fun kids toy at the top of this review.

You can purchase Penguin Race here on amazon.

Penguin Race Slide for Kids


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