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Play-Doh’s Disney Princess Cinderella “Spin & Style” doll is a great toy for Play-Doh and Cinderella fans. Kids get to design awesome Play-Doh dresses with this cool spinning platform where the Cinderella figure is placed on. This set offers many possibilities and is a creative opportunity for kids to experiment and have lots of fun with.

The Set contains a cutter, a pattern roll, a decorating syringe, 3 colors of Play-Doh modelling clay of the colors, light blue, sparkly glitter dark blue, and glittery sparkly pink, a platform including a mirror and the Cinderella figure. Enough to make kids imagination run wild. The utensils are easy to use, the Play-Doh looks really beautiful, especially the glittery Play-Doh.

Play-Doh Disney Princess Cinderella “Spin & Style” | Kids Toy Rating

This Dress Designer toy for kids is a really fun and creative toy. Kids can design so many dress variations and really experiment with the make-over of Cinderella. The Platform spins really easily and helps children apply the Play-Doh onto the doll much better. The mirror is a nice addition and makes the set appear like a professional dress maker. Kids can apply various accessories such as bow, ribbons and flowers made of Play-Doh by using the little shapes on the platform. The utensils can be placed onto the platform, so kids can keep everything tidy and together. Overall, this set is definitely worth a recommendation and a brilliant Play-Doh invention.  If your child likes creating and crafting, then this set is the one to get!

Our YouTube video of the Play-Doh Disney Princess Cinderella Spin & Style Toy

In our YouTube video at the top of the review, we unpack the Play-Doh Disney Cinderella Spin and Style – design a dress Set for kids. You can see how we use all of the utensils that were inside the set. Watch how we create a beautiful sparkly Play-Doh dress for the Cinderella dress up doll.
It is so much fun to design glittery pink and blue flowers that can be simply placed onto either the plastic Cinderella doll or the made Play-Doh dress, that can be designed however you wish!
This Play-Doh Set is a must have and who wouldn’t like to dress up Cinderella, whilst having so much fun using your imagination.

If you also want to design Play-Doh dresses for your favourite Disney Princesses you can find some interesting sets here on amazon.



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