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Today we want to introduce you to the great and fun Play-Doh Disney Princess Rapunzel Head Hair Designs Set. If your child loves Disney Princesses and the Tangled Rapunzel character, well we may just have the right gift for you. Every child loves to play around with Play-Doh and they always bring out such awesome sets for kids. We tested the Rapunzel Head Hair Designs and we can certainly recommend it!

The Set contains 3 Play-Doh pots with the colors glittery gold, bright yellow and neon pink.
There are scissors, a comb and a Pascal slider, with which you can create a braided look. Kids have a wide range of possibilities and so much fun whilst creating various different hair styles. The Play-Doh is placed inside of Rapunzel’s head. When the head is filled up, the crown is placed and fixed on top of the head. Now children get to crank the lever at the side in order to push the Play-Doh out of the top of the head. Various Hair streaks come out of the top of Rapunzel’s head. Thick ones and thin ones. Kids can decide themselves, whether they want long or short hair. After the wanted hair length is set, kids can decorate the hair with fancy flowers, bows and ribbons. If they like a shorter look, they can simply cut the hair with the scissors (which is by the way child-safe).

Children can also decorate the crown, the comb or make a necklace for Rapunzel. There are many ways to experiment with this awesome Play-Doh toy!

Play-Doh Disney Princess Rapunzel Head Hair Designs | Kids Toy Rating

This awesome Play-Doh Hair Designs Set of the Disney Princess Tangled Rapunzel is a “Must-have” toy for kids! We can truly recommend it and it is so much fun! Kids will be occupied for ages and love to give Rapunzel various hair designs all made by themselves. Kids can use their imagination freely and simply be creative as they like. There are no limits. This product is beautiful, the glittery gold color of the Play-Doh is a real eye-catcher for girls. It is also so funny for kids to watch as the hair grows! We give this kids toy a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5!

Our YouTube video of Disney Rapunzel Play-Doh Head Hair Designs Set

Hello to all Play-Doh and Disney Princess fans! In this video for kids, we want to introduce you to the Play-Doh Disney Hair Designs Set, which includes Rapunzel’s head. In this creative Set, children can practise their hair-dressing skills by cutting and brushing the glittery golden and yellow tangled hair of Rapunzel, but also giving her long or short pink streaks, bows and ribbons all made out of Play-Doh.
Watch as we unbox the awesome Play-Doh set and show kids how we give Rapunzel’s head a beautiful look! Of course Rapunzel’s friend Pascal also plays a big part in this set, as he gives her hair a braided look. Simply slide over the Play-Doh Hair streak with Pascal and get a very pretty braided pigtail. Kids can definitely use their imagination here and create some fun hair designs.

If you got curious and also want to try out this awesone creative Play-Doh Disney Rapunzel Set, you can find it here on amazon.



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