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The Play-Doh Numbers, Letters ‘n Fun Playset is a very educational and interesting toy for children. Kids cannot only learn the alphabet and counting the numbers from 1-10, they also get to play with the various Play-Doh colors and molds. Kids can learn to spell words, create any numbers and simply experiment with the wide range of possibilities this set has to offer.

The Set includes 8 different colors of Play-Doh mini pots, Letter molds (A-Z), number molds (1-10) and a child-safe cutter knife for helping kids create neat and tidy numbers and letters.

Play-Doh Numbers, Letters ‘n Fun | Toddlers and Preschool Kids Toy Rating

We can honestly and most definitely recommend this Play-Doh learning set for toddlers and preschoolers. We also experimented with this Set and made some fun educational videos for kids for you and your kids to watch. Visit our YouTube channel for more learning videos or watch the learning video “Wash and Spell” here:

Overall, we love this Play-Doh Numbers, Letters ‘n Fun Set. Children really have endless fun with this set whilst learning and experimenting. It’s also brilliant for parent-and-child playtime as you can show and teach your kids so much useful learning content. Teach your kids new words, show them what numbers and letters look like, get them ready for school! If kids have fun whilst learning what more could we as parents want? Happy Child – happy parent!

Our YouTube unboxing / Learning video for Kids

Watch our unboxing learning video for kids above, as we unpack the great Play-Doh letters, numbers ‘n fun Set. We added a few learning sequences such as colors, the alphabet from A-Z, and counting from 1-10. We want to show you the fun Play-doh Set which is really suitable for kids ages 3 years +. We love this set and can really recommend it! There are lots of various colors inside the set and many, many stamps. Kids learn how to spell, count and mix everything with a wide range of colors. Children can use their imagination, whilst having huge amounts of fun! This set is great for toddlers and preschool kids, but also older kids can experiment and use this set for spelling, creativity or entertainment. The Set includes over 35 pieces and it’s a “must-have” educational toy!

You can get this Play-Doh numbers, letter’s ‘n fun Set here on Amazon.




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