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Welcome to all Playmobil fans! In the video above, we unbox 6 colourful Playmobil Easter Eggs. The Eggs include 6 beautiful Playmobil Playsets for kids. Thereunder the Native American girl with Forest animals (5278), the Pediatrician with child (4921), Princess with Vanity (4940), Fun at the beach (4941) and other great Playmobil sets for kids. Watch as we demonstrate and represent each Playset individually and show an overall view of the Playmobil Playsets that were inside the eggs all together at the end. If you want to get your kids an awesome Easter surprise Egg for Easter, these Playmobil Eggs are a simple “must have” (see the Amazon links below)! The Playmobil toys are great fun for all children!
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You can get the Playmobil Easter Eggs here on amazon:
Fun at the beach 4941
Native American Girl 5278
Pediatrician with Child 4921
Princess with Vanity 4940

Many other great Playmobil Eggs are available here on amazon.



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