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The wonderful Twozies Cafe Playset is a great toy for kids. The shadow box offers many role-play possibilities for children. The box can either be hung up on a wall or simply be played with on a table or floor. The lid can be taken off if needed. The set includes 2 play figures – a baby dressed up as a cat and a little kitten as a pet friend. Both of the figures can sit on the chairs, sit at the counter, or ride on the merry-go-round carousel. It’s slogan “Everything is better two-gether” does have a good reason, as both figures can really play and do everything together.

Twozies Cafe Playset + Baby and Kitten Pet Friend | Kids Toy Rating

The merry-go-round is the best feature of this Cafe Playset besides the actual play figures. It is easy for kids to handle, simply twist the umbrella or push the cups with the finger. The counter can also be moved. The figures are placed on the bottom tray and all kids need to do, is slide the top big tray sideways in order for the 3 trays including the baby and kitten to simultaneously move. This is a bit harder to move but still possible with a bit of force. If children already own one or a few Twozies babies, then why not invite them to the Cafe and have fun eating cupcakes at the sliding counter or riding the carousel. This set is honestly good value for money. If your kids like small play figures and babies this set will really make them happy. The Twozies babies are always a super surprise and so entertaining.

The little Pet friends really round up the Playset nicely. They are too cute and such a sweet combination. Kids love to play with the two characters and the set is big enough to invite many more Twozies friends to come along.

Our unboxing YouTube Video of the Twozies Cafe Playset

In our YouTube video at the top you can watch as we unbox the Twozies Cafe Playset. We hope you enjoy the video for kids and if you’re interested in purchasing the Twozies Cafe Plaset, you can get it here on Amazon.


Twozies Cafe Playset


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