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Welcome to our Sylvaninan Families / Calico Critters Toy Review. Today, we want to introduce you to two beautiful Play-sets: the Sylvanian Families Bathroom Set and Dining Table Set. You can check out our unboxing videos of the two sets above for a more thorough impression.

Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters Bathroom Set

The bathroom set is a really beautiful and cute play-set for kids and collectors. The quality is really good, strong material and almost as real as a bathroom. The set includes many details and accessories. The set is not fixed on a base, which means it can be decorated inside any dollhouse, however kids like. It can be used in many, various ways and is so much fun to play with. The set includes over 40 pieces. You get a sink, bath tub with shower stand, cabinet sink with mirror, toilet, hand sink, toilet brush, towel, dressing gown, slippers, a basket, toys, sponge, soaps, toiletries, bath rug and so much more to explore and discover.

The set can be used to encourage your children to learn to go to the toilet, wash their hands or use the bath or shower. We also used this set to make little videos for kids who are learning to go to the toilet or potty. Check out our Potty training videos here:

Potty Training with Celeste & Pip

Potty Learning Story with Mavel & Millie

Sylvanian Families Bathroom Set | Toy Rating

The bathroom set is a wonderful set for kids to play with and to decorate their playhouse with. All of the Sylvanian families or Calico Critters families of all sizes, can use and fit well into this bathroom set. The beautiful details such as , opening of the cupboards, lifting the toilet seat, the loo-roll, the toiletries, towels and decorations are all a big part of the overall impression, which is perfection! This set is good value for money and worth every penny. It’s good quality and offers many play varieties. Kids get to use their imagination, play daily routines and learn whilst playing. This set also trains kids motivity and offers entertainment and fun! We rate this set with a full 5 star rating!

Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters Dining Table Set

The dining table set is also a great addition if your kids have a playhouse for their Sylvanian families or Calico Critters families. The set comes with a dining table, 4 chairs and a baby high-chair, that can be attached to the table. The color is light brown. The table has a tile decoration in the middle top of it, which is a nice and beautiful detail. The quality is great, the material is strong and big enough for the Sylvanian dolls to fit on.

Sylvanian Families Dining Table | Toy Rating

The overall impression is perfect value for money. There’s not much to say apart from, cute, good quality, enough room for a family to sit on, fun for kids to play with and pretty to look, at. What do we expect from a toy dining table? Well all of the just named facts. It needs to be made of good material and should fit into any Sylvanian home. The Calico Critters characters should all fit onto it, even though other dolls and figures can also use this set, as kids tend to play with various figures and dolls combined anyway. The baby seat is a cute detail and also pretty important as most Sylvanian families have babies. The set does not include any dolls, we showed the bunnies on our photos, to give you impressions and ideas.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Calico Critters bathroom or dining table set, you can get them here on Amazon:

Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters Bathroom Set

Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters Dining Table Set

Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Bathroom Set
Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Dining Table Set


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