Kids Toy Recommendation | for ages 3 years +

The Hive is not only a beautiful animated TV show. Children that like the characters of the Hive series, now have the opportunity to collect the awesome Playsets and Play figures of the Hive. We introduced 3 the Hive Playsets in our YouTube video above.
There are many more Playsets available here on Amazon.

The Play figures each have a hook on their backs, that way kids can grab the bee by the hook and make them fly or hang them up. The figures can stand and be placed onto the swings or other Playsets. The sets have also include a couple of accessories. Buzzbee’s bedroom includes a bed and blanket, a toy plane, a toy train, Teddybee and a bedside table.
The Swings include the characters Rubee and Barbabee. The family Set includes Mamabee, Papabee, Babee, Papabee’s suitcase including a cellphone and a baby carrier.

All of the sets are colorful and fun to play with. Children can use their imagination freely and play role plays with the Buzzbee figures.

Our YouTube video of the Hive Playsets: Family Set, Buzzbee’s Bedroom & the Swings Set

Watch our video above, as we unbox 3 Playsets from The Hive, including Buzzbee himself, Mamabee, Papabee, Babee, Rubee, and Barnabee.
This video is for kids that love and remember The Hive. The Hive Playsets and other Buzzbee products are available here on Amazon.



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