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The Winnie the Pooh Hide Inside Winnie Nesting toy from Tomy is one of the top best toddler’s and babies toys. The shape of the nesting toy is a typical Matryoshka shape, only that it’s figures are Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. The Figures are easy to open and hollow inside apart from the smallest one – Piglet, which has a small weight inside of it. The weight and shape of Piglet makes it almost impossible to fall over. Children can therefore push Piglet around as hard as they like, it will just sway and swing around without falling over. This makes babies and toddlers laugh and smile.

The faces of the Winnie Pooh Nesting dolls are all friendly and smiling (even Eeyore). The dolls can be put together individually as well as placed into one another. That way, children can take a closer look at each nesting doll and at least one of their favorite Winnie the Pooh characters.

Hide Inside Winnie nesting toy for babies and toddlers

Tomy’s Winnie Pooh Hide Inside Winnie | Babies & Toddlers Toy Rating

If you want to further your baby’s or toddler’s fine motor skills, this nesting toy is one of the top best nesting toys for small children. It is colorful, fun and children get first impressions of organizing different sizes and shapes. Being able to discover who’s hiding inside which nesting doll can be so exciting for your child! We can fully recommend the Hide inside Winnie Nesting toy!

Our YouTube video of the Hide inside Winnie the Pooh Nesting Toy

Watch our video for toddlers & babies of the Disney Winnie the Pooh nesting toy, where Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet hide inside Winnie. This classic Matryoshka nesting toy is great for childrens motivity, learning colors, organizing different sizes and simply having fun at discovering whats inside the next doll! Hidden object are fun, so we hope you enjoyed our fun video for kids!



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