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The Season 1 Twozies Mega Friendship Pack with 24 Babies and Pet Friends are great and fun toys for kids. We unboxed the Set in our video above, where we display all of the babies and their little cute pet friends.

The Set is great for Surprises and good value for money. You can get the Season 1 Mega Friendship Pack here on Amazon. These cute little babies all have different faces, gestures and postures. They all wear different animal outfits. Inside the box is an overview of all the Twozies that can be collected. You can look up their names and the names of their pet friends. One shadow box is inside the Mega Pack with the according Twozie baby and it’s matching pet friend.

Twozies & Pet Friends Friendship Mega Pack | Kids Toy Rating

The Twozies Mega Pack of 24 babies and animals is definitely worth the purchase. Kids get surprised by the various and many, many babies and pet friends. It is a colorful set with so many role-play possibilities. All babies are different, it is great fun for collecting and sharing them with friends. The heads can be moved, which makes it more fun for playing. The cute little faces invite kids to play with them. The animal outfits inspire kids to dress up themselves. Why not have a fancy dress party?

Our unboxing YouTube video for Kids

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